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How Do Foam Wall Plate Insulators Work, and Do they Really Help to Save Energy? 

If want a low-cost, simple way to lower the energy bill in your house, condo or apartment, the easiest do-it-yourself improvement is to insert foam wall plate insulators in the back of each wall plate.  The purpose of using foam wall plate insulators is to seal and insulate outlet and switch covers, which creates a block against the outdoor air, which finds its way into the home by penetrating wall cavities.  Wall plate insulators work  by retaining the conditioned air inside the living space.  In almost every home that is depressurized, a blower door test will confirm that every outlet, switch, and GFI wall plate receptacle (including inner walls) will introduce air from outside of the living space, and needs sealing/insulating since electrical wiring and plumbing run across all walls, including interior walls central to the home.  Unaddressed, these areas contributes to a heating/cooling loss by up to twenty percent.


My Home Already Has Good Insulation. Will Wall Plate Insulators Help to Seal Sockets?

Fiberglass insulation does not block air from coming into your living area.  Insulation is fibrous,  allowing air to pass through its material.  Insulation works as a thermal barrier, (like a blanket) keeping you warm, while allowing your body to breathe. Wall plate insulators offer a dual benefit by insulating and sealing, which  will provide a much greater energy saving benefit than having standard insulation alone. When installed, wall plate insulating gaskets help to save on utility bills by acting as "socket sealers" between the outside air and your living space.

Foam Wall Plate Gaskets are
Simple to Install all by Yourself!


As a bulk supplier to bring savings directly to you, our wall plate insulators are made from a U.L. rated, flame-retardant foam. Our wall plate sealers are installed behind the plate of all wall receptacles, and all you need is a standard screwdriver.  Once the foam insulators are in place, they are entirely invisible.  We offer foam wall plate insulators in large quantity packs for greater savings as compared retail packaged gaskets found in hardware department stores. For multi-gang outlet & switch plates, you can lay the socket sealers side-by-side and trim with scissors to fit perfectly.


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